There are many different types of projects. Many fail, some don't. Here are the abilities we wanted to incorporate into BODWAI to help companies be more successful in their daily operations:
• Clearly defined goals when starting the project • Good communication channels between members
• Top management support in achieving those goals • Response and involvement of clients and customers
• Effective feedback and control mechanisms  
Project creation
Makes it flexible and easy to create tasks, subtasks, and clearly define goals for your team!
Create project teams
With BODWAI, it's easy to delegate work to different people and share information accordingly!
There are many different ways to get and share information!
SVN repository
SVN repository is a software versioning and revision
control system!SVN repository is a software versioning and revision control system, quick, simple and secure with API keys!
We provide Git as another source for you to have more flexibility with source control!
File Manager
Share important documents and files with all of your team members and management!
Secure Hosting
All of the servers that we use to run BODWAI are HIPPA compliant and very secure!
Joomla Templates
By using a robust CMS, we are able to provide vast customization for your company!
100% Automatic Backup System
100% Automatic Backup SystemAutomatic backup system and easy download for offsite backups!
Manager view
Allow managers to assign projects to employees and see reports about those projects!
User view
Employees and contractors can only work and see specific projects assigned to them by managers!
Client view
Allow clients to view projects without being able to change the information!
Group Chat
It is easy for teams to collaborate while working on a specific project!
Archive view
Archive view, viewing history.Archive view, viewing history. View history as it was, including original data!
Email Notifications
You can send emails and view notifications inside the interface!
Process flow
Easily allow employees to independently update their statuses of projects and tasks!
Every update made is instantaneously shared with team members for seamless interaction!
Gain comprehensive knowledge about project details based on data from that project!
Track progress of projects and compare performance, have a competition between team members!
Managers can monitor exactly where resources are going and receive exportable data for cost analysis!
Based on data, the BODWAI engine can predict how long your project will take to complete!
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